Raising consciousness about issues connected to being handicapped, particularly using a wheelchair & problems with disabled parking.

Great Disability Website

Just a short post to mention a link to Disability Sanctuary, a terrific site designed to allow those with disabilities to interact online.  There’s a forum, a directory of services, and many other helpful features.  It’s particularly helpful for those who are home bound, since it gives you a way to meet and socialize with others who can really empathize and understand the difficulties we all share.  Here’s a link:


I’m sorry for neglecting my blog lately, but I needed a little time in bed recently.  Now my poor kitty is sick with a respiratory infection, so he’s in isolation to keep the kittens from falling ill.  He wants me with him, and cries when I leave, but the kittens cry when I spend time in the bedroom with him.  I end up juggling kittens – fortunately, not literally! – which hasn’t allowed me much time to sit down and write.  While they were having breakfast this a.m., I tried to sneak in a quick post…and already I have cats scratching at the door and yowling!

Hope to be back in the blog saddle soon.


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