Raising consciousness about issues connected to being handicapped, particularly using a wheelchair & problems with disabled parking.

About Kaye Munroe

Kaye Munroe

Kaye Munroe is a writer and retired musician.  She has Multiple Sclerosis, but refuses to suffer from it.  Originally from Ohio, Kaye lived in Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona before taking up residence in Northern California.

As a third generation wheelchair user, or ‘wheelie’, Kaye is aware of the difficulties faced by individuals with disabilities.  Her paternal grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis.  Her mother was a juvenile diabetic who lost her vision, suffered a series of strokes that paralyzed her right arm and limited her ability to speak, and who also became a double amputee before her death.  Kaye began displaying symptoms of MS when she was about 20.  As a result, Kaye believes it’s important to raise awareness about common situations faced by those with disabilities.

Though her prior publishing career focused on short non-fiction, she is now editing her first completed fiction novel, the futuristic romance A Starstruck Heart.  As each chapter is edited, she posts it on her primary blog, kaye munroe writes romance.  Her secondary blog, Kaye Munroe Writes Too, discusses issues relating to writing.  You can ‘like’ Kaye on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Besides music and writing, Kaye enjoys reading, crocheting, rock collecting, and hanging out with her three cats.  An addict of the written word, she’ll read almost anything if it’s well written.  She especially loves science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and suspense novels.


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